Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lots to Catch up on

Sorry we've been way behind in posting.. lots to catch up on but it'll have to be in another post.

Just wanted to share some quick videos of Max..

We've had some set backs, a lot of frustrations, but he's still the Mighty Max!!!

Max drinking water on his own. 

Max frustrated about his leg being much shorter than the other leg now... 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

By Golly I think He's growing a new toe!

So... In all honestly I've had a few panic attacks where I'm really worried Max has permanently lost his toes.. (and there's a lot of anger for him being in this situation in the first place.. )  But today I took a look at his foot and realized that I think he may actually be growing a new toe!  The HBOT is supposed to push oxygen into the core of the cells (RNA, DNA, mitochondria etc.. ) and that is supposed to help growth of new stem cells.. Stem cells are the cells that the body can use to grow anything. When we were zygotes and fetuses - they are the cells that formed the fingers, hair, eyes, organs, and toes... and it appears that they are growing new toes...

This one is almost the same size as the others - no loner a nub... pretty darn wild!
Pink toe on left is brand new.. the other 3 are cased in necrotic tissue which will eventually slough off, probably with the nail like the one on the left did. There is still some bone exposed from the other side on the middle two - but the new tissue is growing every day... remember this foot used to be entirely black, hard and crusty all the way though! Pretty cool!