Saturday, June 1, 2013

Progress Report & Pics

Max developed a pneumonia and hasn't been able to get HBOT treatments the last few weeks, and because he lost those toes he hasn't been able to work out and do his PT as much as he'd like.  Every time he put pressure on his bad foot, the scab would come off, it would bleed and the bone would be exposed again. So he spent 2 weeks with me either holding his leg up or laying on the couch - or trying to work out on his exercise ball. He got really depressed and lost all energy. I actually though things were going south.. then... his foot started to heal! he still has a scab but he can now stand on it. It hasn't been bleeding at all either - we're on the mend and back to building strength and learning to stand and walk again (mind you- he was fully limp a few days ago and had lost most of his muscle strength in his neck - we had to start over quite a bit)

Here are some pictures to share.

The 2 back feet... just a wee bit of a scab
Standing on all 4s!
sitting on his own - working on pushing up
Shoulders giving out! But He can push back up
Pushed back up. Just leaning against mom for support
Hope she's not making me jump through hoops next

Max feeling much better!
Max is trying to figure out how to eat on his own - he's watching the syringe and moved his head toward it- making some progress!

Max wiggling his body trying to figure out how to get up off the bean bag chair (He can't sit in his cart right now - he got a huge quarter sized blood blister on his rump and it likes to bleed out when he sits on it... or I pick him up when I'm wearing anything nice.. or white)

Max practicing sitting and balancing while on the ceiling (Just kidding) - I can't figure out how to rotate the video so that it's in the right direction.. so you'll just have to stand on your head or turn your computer upside down to really see what's going on here... Clearly I'm not a professional videographer!!  Sorry!

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