Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Running Dog

Max has been working on those legs. He has them (all 4 of them) moving  in somewhat of a coordinated effort when he rolls and when he wants to walk. He's definitely getting stronger and more coordinated. The funny part is that his front legs, which have only had movement for a few weeks now, are much more coordinated than his back legs which he still keeps sticking under the back spoke of his rear left tire.  I don't know if he's still leaning when he gets tired because he's still used to having the feeding tube in or not.. But he DOES practice standing up straight in his cart.  We still need to work on getting him to stop knuckle walking on his left legs (front and back) the right side he's much better about placing them perfectly - but also could have something to do with his leaning and not wanting to put too much pressure on his legs just yet.  He does spend about 10 -30 minutes a day (at a time of his choosing) practicing standing up straight and holding his body weight on those legs. He's also practicing lifting and holding his head up as well (usually while eating dinner)

Today he did a bunch of laps around the house and a few outside on the deck.  Some with guidance, and some on his own..

Here's what Max has been up to lately:

Crazy Max Running down the hill in the back yard with his cart (He did need help stopping)

Max supervising the tree guys from inside while they removed the trees that fell during Hurricane Sandy

Max splashing around in the tub. He was like a baby when he realized he could make splashing noises with his feet! He kept doing it over and over again making more and more noise!  (Getting him and his cart out of there was a little bit of a BIG challenge!

I was at my desk and heard a loud crash and a big sigh... so I went to go see what was going on... Max, while doing his laps, crashed into the dishwasher nose first.  We'll be breaking out the orange cones in a few weeks for some drivers ed once he gets a little more practice under his belt. He still needs to work on that steering!

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