Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Max Learns a New Trick

Sorry I haven't posted in a while,  I've been trying to catch up with everything that I've fallen behind in...

Max has been working hard though.. He's been working on mastering sitting and tonight he sat between beanbag chairs for a full hour holding himself up and eating his dinner!  He hasn't been able to hold himself up in over a year so this was HUGE!!!

Then he also was able to stand on his own and move around a bit - he's still working on balance and can't get himself up on his own but he's starting to get the motions down and figuring out what muscles to use.  We still have a ways to go.. but here are a few videos of the progress tonight

Sorry my angles are off on some of these!

Max practicing his sitting and balancing

More sitting

Max doing some standing and me sitting in his water bowl.. (the things I do.. )

Max standing (sorry I can't figure out how to get these in the right direction)


  1. Am sorry to hear Max had a bout of pneumonia. Hope he has fully recovered! Good to see Mighty Max drinking on his own and sitting. I know it must be very hard work for him to hold himself hour was a long time, but he did it. :-) Just wanted to let you know we think of you and Max alot and keep you two in our prayers. <<>> to Max. Dude and Dude's Mom

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering exactly what treatments you did with max. I'm in Bergen County, NJ, and we just found out our 7 year old Boston Terrier has a rare form of brain cancer. The vet recommended the place in Yonkers to us for her to get Cyber Knife. Is there anything in addition to the Cyber Knife that you did to treat your little Max's cancer?
    Hope Max is doing well!