Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Whisker Twitching is Gone!

About a month or so after Max's Cyber Knife he developed a facial twitch on the right side of his face. At first it included his right eye lid, right cheek, right side of his upper lip, his ear and a muscle that went across the side of his face. (His neurologist thought it was probably a muscle spasm vs. focal seizure because it was less active when he was asleep than awake.)

Eventually all I saw twitching was one muscle across his face which was tied to his hear and ran all the way to one row of his whiskers.  He just had a very slight twitch where I could see 1 black whisker twitch rhythmically. 

Today I was watching him sleep and was just checking on that whisker to see how much twitching was going on and there was absolutely NONE!  I can't even see that muscle in his face twitching or his ear!

I'm not sure what any of this means but I'd be a happy camper if I had a consistent twitch for months and it finally went away!


  1. Scratch that... the twitching is back today.. Wonder why it disappeared for a few days.. Hmmm...

  2. Did you ever find a cause of this because my dog is doing this to....?

    1. We ended up chalking it up to a muscle spasm. Possibly from meds he was on or vitamin/ mineral deficiency... we never found out for sure. Has your dog had CK? or was diagnosed with a neurological tumor or issue? (You may want to talk with your vet specialist and ask them about vitamin B 12 complex (don't give on your own - the over the counter stuff is not the same and not necessarily good for a dog).. but speaking from my own personal experience with my own neuro issue - including numbness - I had a shortage of a bunch of vitamin B's... shortages can affect neuro issues - like numbness and twitching - of course it could be other things.. but it's worth checking into too and asking your vet team)