Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tour of Colonial Williamsburg lead by your tour guide Max the Dog

Just got back from being dragged through Colonial Williamsburg by Max.  We have a very pokey start to our walk, until Max spotted 2 horses pulling a carriage and then we were in hot pursuit of them from one end of Colonial Williamsburg to the other end.  He even tried to drag us through back yards to head them off!  Nothing like dragging a slow rottie and a slow human behind you when you are on a mission... darn leashes!!

Below please find a series of videos as Max takes us on a tour of Colonial Williamsburg while trying to catch the Horses & Carriage

Max says if I could just move a little faster we could actually hear the carriage driver's stories and history about Colonial Williamsburg, but at our slow pace, we'll never learn anything..

Running down Duke of Gloucester Street

Lost Buttercup... Slacker..

Hurry up people they're turning the corner! We're behind!

Get a Move on it!

I"m almost there... FASTER!


I'm almost there!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Using Acupuncture to combat Cancer in Dogs


Buster getting Acupuncture for allergies

As many of you have read, we are big fans of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Buster got acupuncture once a week, Max gets it every other week now, but for a time got it every week as well. I even got it when I saw that Buster lost 10 lbs with it, AND I didn't change his diet or his exercise routine... and yes! I lost 10 lbs too! No more ...though! (There must be a 10lb limit!)  I figured if Buster lost 10 lbs it wasn't psychosomatic so why not give it a try.

Many western / conventional vets, oncologists, surgeons, poo poo the idea of Chinese Medicine, herbs and acupuncture, but in all honestly, what do you have to lose by trying acupuncture? If you don't believe, it's not going to make anything worse! You're just sticking needles in the skin (and it doesn't hurt for those who are worried about this They are very thin and I've had dogs and cats who have been very skittish around vets, and they all were great with acupuncture and even LOVED it! Max actually used to ask our vet for needles when he'd go with Buster years ago, and when Buster wasn't feeling good he'd go sit by the car and want me to take him to the vet.

Aside from controlling pain, (and apparent weight loss for those of us who could stand to lose a few lbs!) acupuncture can also stimulate appetite, boost the immune system, help the body fight cancer, reduce swelling, calm nerves, help with anxiety, help stop smoking and other addictions or cravings (including sugar!), reduce or control nausea, reduce fatigue, control allergies, help alleviate and control depression , fix insomnia, help with reproductive disorders, help with digestive disorders and IBS, help with vision loss and hearing loss, and many more issues. The trick is finding someone who is really good!  The other thing to remember is Acupuncture and acupressure has been around for literally 1000's of years and it's still very actively used today and even covered by most pet insurance plans as well as human insurance plans... why?  Because it actually works and it's tried and true!

Tulsa getting acupuncture for kidney disease
I saw this article on the Dog Cancer Blog and thought it might be worth passing along. This is specifically about controlling pain with Acupuncture, but acupuncture does a lot more than control pain if you have the right vet doing it! 

Some Science behind Acupuncture for Cancer Pain

Daisy getting acupuncture to boost her immunity & fight cancer

Buster with his needles in his face! COPD be gone!

Buster at his weekly acupuncture apt (those aren't whiskers!)

Buster & his needles!

Buster getting acupuncture to support his lungs & spleen

He LOVED needles in his face to clear his sinuses!

Enjoying his treatment!

A serious pose

Max getting acupuncture

Max with acupuncture needles in his back and behind his ears

Max just hanging out with Acupuncture needles

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chasing a Horse and Carriage

Max spent St. Patrick's Day Morning trying to chase down horses drawing carriages in Colonial Williamsburg.
He's at the end of his rope here... literally!  And the horse won't come back!

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Fun Police Struck Again!

I wish I had a video of this for you... Max was known as the "Fun Police" prior to last year.  Anytime he'd see dogs wrestling, or barking at each other, or chasing something, he'd try and herd it.. he is part sheltie after all. Being a herding dog is in his genes!

Well.. tonight on our walk a great big turkey buzzard swooped it's way down to the ground in front of us. It took the dogs a few minutes to realize what it was and then #2 wanted to go after it!  (I was attached to them by leash - which they apparently forgot about.. or thought that if they pulled hard enough I'd come along and join in the chase)  Anyway - #2 took off full force for the Turkey Buzzard, and then Max took off after #2 full force and jumped on his hind quarters and nipped at his ankles and rear end...   Classic Max!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Jamestown VA with Max and the Gang

Sunday was a gorgeous March Day so we decided to take the dogs to Historic Jamestown Virginia to check out the old ruins and see what the archaeologists were digging up..

While we were out walking around we saw a big herd of geese!  Buster #2 wanted to chase them... and Max wanted to herd Buster #2!  See video below!

The path along Jamestown Island

Looks like a big old oak fell down

Max letting us know we're moving too slow.. he's doing laps around us!

Max gets a little freedom to walk off leash and check out the ruins at Historical Jamestown Settlement (c 1630-1700's)

Checking out more ruins

Max got put back on leash after deciding to follow herd a couple of tourists that walked in the other direction.. He tried to corral them, then when they kept walking in the opposite direction he tried to nip them in the knees... (always on the job...)

Back off leash.. in someone's living room at Jamestown, VA

Exploring someone's back yard..

Max once found a large herd of deer to chase here!

Do you really need to be in my face?

That's it.. back up a bit more...

again... right in my face.. what did I say about that?

I'm going to walk with these people.. they aren't in my face.. I see the Jamestown church and the fort!

Max is now making a Bee Line for the church gates.. and PULLING! (note - no other dogs in the shot.. he's leading the way.. )

Come on you people.. you're holding me up!

Check out the architecture people... Look at those windows!

This is where they are digging. I'd like to be an archaeologist.. I'd be good!

Hmm... a new family to explain archaeology to..

Ok forget them.. #2 did you know that that is John Smith over there? He first settled Jamestown Colony. I believe he married Pocahontus too.. We would have taken a picture with her but there were too many kids there.
This is where they burried everyone who died during "The Starving Time" in Jamestown. They were actually burried under the floors of their houses... so I guess houses used to be here..

I'm having so much fun!  Do you see the ruins of the old Jamestown Settlement Church behind me? and John smith to the right of me?

I WANT TO GO IN THE WATER... got to get those things sticking out of the water.. come on #2 - help me pull Mom down the hill!

ARGGGG I'm at the end of my rope... I must pull harder

Fine - you win... Here's another shot of me and the inside of the Fort they built at Jamestown Colony to try and protect themselves from Chief Powhatan and the Indians

I win! Walking along the Sea wall on the James River... I promise I won't go swimming today... (Don't try this in person.. The water is very deep once you get to the bottom of the sea wall and the current is very strong - Max has been known to chase a duck or goose or other critter down the wall and into the water and then needed to be pulled back up .. )

Will you all please keep up?!

I'd like to show you a cannon like the ones they brought over on their ships when the colonists settled in Jamestown Settlement. In front of me is the frame of the old barracks.

Isn't this just the best view?  I LOVE IT HERE!

Max exploring the barracks.. those are colonial style orange cones ahead..

Did you know this wall has holes to let the breeze blow through in the summer and so that the settlers could keep an eye out and make sure they were safe?  They could stuff it with mud and hay if they wanted to make a solid wall.

Heading over to the cemetery and the old Jamestown Church

This a way #2.. I'll show you the way

The whole gang in the church... I think we confused people but Dogs can go to church too you know.. Dog is God spelled backwards... I believe there's a reason for that!

Max checking out Jamestown Church...

That plaque on the back wall has some names on it of mom's ancestors. Lots of history in this place..

This is a cool church!

Back outside, we found a nice shady holly tree to hang out under

Is that you in my face again?

Today couldn't be any prettier

Follow me #2 I'll show you more ruins here at Jamestown!

This way gang - looks like a good shady spot under those trees

Wonder what we can find here!

I wonder who lived here!

Rex .. are you pretending to be a cow or a goat?

What a nice yard!

I see water... catch you guys later!

What?  You called?   Ok.. I'll wait..

I'll check out this one last building... They don't call me "The Inspector" for no reason!

I'm going to catch you #2!!!!

Heading back to the car.. what a great day!