Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pressure Wound...

So.. I think I may have mentioned earlier, when I came back from vacation I found a sore on Max's right hip - the same one that the gangrene was in.  I assumed it was a hot spot from him urinating on himself and not being cleaned up well.  Both hospitals informed me that it was a pressure wound from being on the same side so long and not being rotated, and pointed out that it was actually a hole in his side and you could see the bone.  I had just cut the fur down around it, but they shaved it down at Southpaws. Looks NICE HUH?!

actually 2 holes  - a big one and then a tiny smaller one - they later joined and formed one BIG hole.

Well.. it's been over a month and a half and it still hadn't closed up, it had actually gotten bigger! In fact, the edges had healed leaving a hole in his hip, and new skin had formed in the hole, creating a pocket. NOT a good thing - so we had to have the edges of the hole cut off and then the whole thing stitched up so that it could all heal together and close. Max ended up with a 4 inch cut on his side. 

Max hanging out on his beanbag chair... So much for rotating him for the first few days.. I managed to get him in his cart for a while, standing and practicing balance for a while and then he had to lay on the left side for the first few days.. He's now laying on his stitches for a few hours.. He can sit up on his rump but I think it irritates him to do that between his foot and his hip... a few more weeks and all will be better..

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