Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks for Giving...

It's been a wonderful Thanksgiving. We're fortunate that Mr. Max is getting a little stronger every day!  Today he went for a walk up at the park for the first time since May!!!  I finally figured out how to hook his Eddie's Wheels Cart up to Buster's old Pet Gear stroller and have it roll behind us until we got to a good place where Max could get out and practice walking.  He has been EXTREMELY frustrated the last few days with not being able to get up on his own. If he's not asleep and I move out of his sight he panics and starts to pant and kick and struggle and try and get up. The ER vet told me this would happen one night when I was visiting him in the hospital. She said as horrible as it may be- it's a REALLY GOOD sign that he's thinking, aware, and putting 2  and 2 together!

Max rolling across the field at the park

Max enjoying the sun
Max resting after a LONG roll at the park!   This cart has come in handy so many times with Buster, Buttercup and Max!!! Best Purchase!


  1. Dog Bless you Max. You are such an inspiration to me that you will never know. Give that boy a big hug and kiss for me guys.

  2. Max does look comfortable in the stroller enjoying the sunshine. Sunshine always does a body good! So glad he continues to recover after the storm events. I saw the photo on an earlier post of Max watching the tree cutters. It looks awful close to the house. Hope none hit your house! (We remember Hugo and all the downed trees and damage.) Continued prayers for Max. Dude and Dude's Mom